Livestream Readings/Healings

Triforce 1 Card Pull

Jax Atlantis, StariAri and the Peace Dealer will each draw a card on a question you have or a general read to go in depth on your current situations, love relationships and career.

$30 - Buy

Triforce Channeled Message 

Jax Atlantis, StariAri and The Peace Dealer will all tap into your energy and bring you a channeled message from the universe, astrological energy and the divine.

$40 - Buy

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Jax Atlantis 

Jax Atlantis is a Libran Intuitive specializing in Energy Healing, Tarot, Astrology and Scrying. He has been in love with the search for magic since childhood and finds his passion in helping people understand that these abilities not only exist, but are a mere experience away from redefining life and the search for meaning. His Sessions focus on Empowerment of the self, Astrology, Tarot and the Development of your Abilities. You can Find him on HighVibe TV, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Planetary Healing

For this Dark Moon I'll be doing Planetary Energy Work Live and Privately through Messenger. I Have a Wide Variety of Fun new Healings where I channel and direct Planetary Energy to make full use of the powerful collective energies we have this week.

$30 Per Planet


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