The Lucid Genesis Mentorship 

Awaken your gifts, Induce the Lucid Dream State and harness your Astrology in 30 Days 

In this Mentorship, Jax Atlantis and (Haylee) The Lucid Mystic will take you on a four week journey of Lucid Dreaming, Astrology, Energy Healing, Intuition training and self discovery. We will go over your goals, expectations to gauge how we can help you step into your higher potential. Haylee and I will meet with you two times a week for a 1 hour Recorded Video Call session where we will discuss our methods to simplify the process of embodying, interpreting and using your own spiritual energy. Jax and Haylee will both be present in each session and will take turns being the guide. 


Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • Remove Fears and Phobias
  • Harness the Placebo Effect to Heal yourself
  • Explore and live out any dream or Fantasy 
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind

Benefits of Astrological Clairvoyance

  • Align with your Destiny
  • Unlock your hidden abilities
  • Empower your intuition as a second nature

Mentorship Schedule 

Week 1 ~ Session 1

Jax will pull up your Natal Chart and Progressed Chart to identify your strongest areas of psychic potential based on your Astrology. He will focus on assessing your perceived blocks and limits as well as desires and goals. Once these are established, we will create customized training methods to help you feel comfortable and attuned to your particular process.

Week 2  ~ Session 1

Jax will go over the process of listening to and interpreting energy as well as how to ground yourself into a state of zen so that processes like clairvoyance, channeling, meditation and mediumship are easily accessible states, even if you are a highly sensitive empath. 

Week 3 ~ Session 1

Jax will help you expand your connection with intuitive energy work in context to the planets and how to apply them to your daily life while Haylee helps you focus on turning the exercises into habits.

Week 4 ~ Session 1

Through the previous 3 weeks we will have identified what your biggest blocks and challenges are with intuition, lucid dreams and energy healing and will create a final series of exercises and challenges to help you face and overcome them once and for all. 

Week 1 ~ Session 2 

Haylee will guide you through the main fundamentals of Lucid Dreaming through the initial steps of Dream journaling, Reality checks and building awareness for easy lucidity so you can apply this to your specific schedule. 

Week 2 ~ Session 2

Haylee will help you dive into the deep end of Lucid Dreaming by showing you powerful and effective induction techniques so you can begin inducing lucid dreams at will and explore the subconscious mind, hidden talents and untapped potential. These techniques will assist you in creating both spontaneous and planned Lucid Dreams.

Week 3 ~ Session 2

Haylee will guide you through the Lucid Dream state to travel to your Ruling Planet, whilst Jax teaches about the specific astrological energies you can connect to and harness in the waking state as well as in the lucid dream state.

Week 4 ~ Session 2

In this final session we will review all that you’ve learned over this mentorship and create a final list of useful exercises to continue your progress for months to come. For those of you who sign up for a second mentorship to work on Advanced skills, we will use this final session to put together the next series of mind expansion training.

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