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Tarot Mastery: The Fool's Journey


In this 12 Hour Tarot Mastery Class you will be going over the classic 78 cards, the Elements, the Suits, and their meanings as well as an introduction to using them for giving readings. This course will streamline the education process by taking 78 individual Ideas and breaking them down into an 18 part story. you will be covering a commonly overlooked treasure trove in the Tarot known as Astrology. Through the Planets and Elements we can uncover an underlying story of meaning in the cards as well as how you use them for readings, self discovery and philosophy. In this course you will spend time becoming proficient at giving readings. you will be directly tackling the toughest concepts of the Tarot, Readings and the use of intuition. By the time this class is finished you will be comfortable giving readings of all kinds and ready to begin experimenting with your own integrated belief system , flare, style and creativity. Prepare to be a Master reader in 12 Hours. *Smoky Curtained Room Not Included*

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