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Jax Atlantis is a Mentor of Astrology and CEO of The International Institute of Temple Sciences


12 Hour Video Tarot Master Course

Learn Astrology in a Mentorship 

The Lucid Genesis Mentorship With Jax and the Lucid Mystic

My Classes 

1 Month Mentorship

I mentor on a variety of subjects such as Astrology, The Tarot, Intuition, and giving readings. Mentorships include 8 sessions and unlimited contact throughout the process.

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The Lucid Genesis Mentorship

The Lucid Mystic teaches Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experience Induction and I teach you Astrology through the archetypes to give you a strong diversity of tools for self discovery and self mastery.


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Tarot Mastery: The Fool's Journey

A 12 Hour Video Master Course

In this 12 Hour Tarot Mastery Class you will be going over the classic 78 cards, the Elements, the Suits, and their meanings as well as an introduction to using them for giving readings.

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My First Book on Astrology Coming August 2021!

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My name is Jax Atlantis 

In the past 15 years I've studied the Tarot, Mediumship, ESP, Remote viewing and finally Astrology. I have made a living writing spirit poetry, running Indigo Rising Magazine, working for psychic hotlines, giving live readings on Facebook, making Daily Horoscope Videos for the Spiritual TV Network HighVibe TV, and most recently, became CEO of the International Institute of Temple Sciences. My path has always involved my spiritual beliefs, because for me, it must. I believe it is my mission to address the collective perception on spirituality, religion and atheism in an honest way and open dialogues that are commonly closed or stilted. 

My Philosophy

My fundamental belief is that "spirituality" is not something that is "learned". I feel it is more accurate to say that your path to truth is by "remembering" what we believe. When looking at the ancient peoples, the consistency of their separated myths make a compelling case that there are certain underlying universal values or "universal truths" that exist preprogrammed within us, the human animal. We can easily get lost on the immediate surface differences between them, or even the different interpretations of what-to-do-about said "universal truths", but there is far more in common between them than society suggest. My foundational belief is that our ancestors weren't simply the naive, superstitious, cave people we make them out to be, and that through the simultaneously created interpretations of the constellations, via the Celtic, Native American, Aztec and Western Astrological zodiac have not only consistency but a vastly advanced view of the individual and societal psychology that exists within us all. Hence, my belief is that memorizing "spiritual teachings" is at best a neutered version of wisdom and at worst, the bedrock for thoughtless weaponized dogma used against society through society. You may disagree with my view, but in my experience, my most successful breakthroughs have been through the stripping of preconceived notions taught to individuals who question their intuition, sometimes this psychic success comes from listening to yourself, rather than following what someone else says without question. That is how I teach, or perhaps, unteach.

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