8 Week 1-on-1 Mentorship 

Take your Astrology to the next level 

In this Mentorship, you and I will take an 8 week journey of Astrology, Intuition training and self discovery.

In our first session we will pull up your Natal Chart and look at your personal Astrology. We will use this reading to find your personal connection to the planets, the signs and their archetypes. In your chart you will see many of the strengths you will have naturally as an Astrologer.

We will then discuss your goals and plans with Astrology, such as the desire to write Horoscopes, become a personal astrologer or just use this sacred art as a tool in your private spiritual development.

We'll meet each week for a 1 hour recorded video call session where he will discuss the Planets, the Signs, the Houses, Aspects between Planets, Natal Charts, Progressed Charts and how to read them for yourself and others.

 Do you want to learn this?

What to Expect

During the 8 week Mentorship you will be able to reach me with questions each day via Text and email. For those who want to dive in head first, I will create optional assignments to explore in between our sessions which can exponentially increase how quickly you confidently grasp this subject.

While the majority of my Mentorships are on Astrology, I also teach subjects such as, The Tarot, Intuition, and Remote Viewing.


Benefits of Astrological Clairvoyance

  • Align with your Destiny
  • Unlock your hidden abilities
  • Empower your intuition as a second nature

Benefits of Tarot Mastery

  • Understand the Mechanisms of Numerology in your life
  • Harness the Archetypes to improve your life journey and relationships 
  • Reprogram your way of thinking and problem solving

Private Astrology Mentorship 

Weekly Meeting + Unlimited Consult
(8 Weeks) - $2,000
*Now With Pay Later Option*

*The Astrology Mentorship service is not for entertainment purposes only, nor is it a substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. The aim of this service is for Jax Atlantis to provide you an educational understanding of traditional and modern interpretations of Astrology and express the spiritual viewpoints implied by you, the client, and Jax, the service provider. It is assumed that both parties operate under the metaphysical presupposition that astrology is a sacred spiritual practice. Refunds for this service are available when they are requested 48 hours prior to the first custom horoscope sent to you.*