Yearly Personal Astrologer Service

Custom Video Horoscopes just for you, each week 

What is included in this Service? 

     In this service, I will be sending you a custom horoscope every week, going over the current transits and how they affect your personal journey, family life, love life, career path, as well as your abilities. In the first week, we will have a reading together and gain agreement on what you would most like me to focus on in the year moving forward (though this will normally change over time).

     While the horoscopes I send you will explain what the aspects and zodiacal placements of the planets are expressing, I'll also be throwing in information here and there that will help you pick up some of the neat tricks I use to interpret Astrology.

    Not only will I send you these pre-recorded videos, but also have occasional zoom (or in person depending on your area) meetings to check in and go deep into some of your biggest challenges. This helps the two of us stay in alignment and guarantee that you're getting what you need.  

Is there more? 

     Another bonus I throw into this service is the ability to access to me via text or email throughout the week between horoscopes when life gets a little hectic and you could use another perspective.

     Lastly, when you sign up, you're automatically given retroactive and future access to all of my online classes for free, so any further knowledge of astrology, tarot, intuition or remote viewing that I teach is available to you. It's essentially a life long diamond pass to my courses.

When does this start? 

     Once you have purchased this service I'll begin sending custom videos on the upcoming Monday, though we will try to meet up in a reading before then (if possible). If you need to reach out to me first with questions, please send these inquiries to [email protected] . 


Jax Atlantis


Yearly Personal Astrologer Service

52 Weekly Custom Horoscopes + Unlimited Consult + Free Access to all of my past and future Classes.
(52 Weeks) - $9,995
*Now With Pay Later Option*

*The Yearly Personal Astrologer service is not for entertainment purposes only, nor is it a substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. The aim of this service is for Jax Atlantis to provide you an educational understanding of traditional and modern interpretations of Astrology and express the spiritual viewpoints implied by you, the client, and Jax, the service provider. It is assumed that both parties operate under the metaphysical presupposition that astrology is a sacred spiritual practice. Refunds for this service are available when they are requested 48 hours prior to the first custom horoscope sent to you.*