Month of 1-on-1 Mentorship 

Awaken your gifts in 30 Days 

In this Mentorship, Jax Atlantis will take you on a four week journey of Astrology, Intuition training and self discovery. He will go over your goals and expectations to gauge how he can help you step into your higher potential. You Will meet two times a week for a 1 hour Recorded Video Call session where he will discuss methods to simplify the process of embodying, interpreting and using your own spiritual energy. Jax focuses on areas of spiritual development in the form of Tarot, Astrology, Energy Healing, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Intuition and Mindset.


Benefits of Tarot Mastery

  • Understand the Mechanisms of Numerology in your life
  • Harness the Archetypes to gauge your place in particular journeys and relationships
  • Reprogram your way of thinking and problem solving

Benefits of Astrological Clairvoyance

  • Align with your Destiny
  • Unlock your hidden abilities
  • Empower your intuition as a second nature

The Mentorship Schedule 

Week 1 - Session 1 

  1.  Introductions
  2. Gaining Agreement on your projected goal
  3. Looking over your Natal Chart 

Week 1 - Session 2

  1. Recap of Last Session and Reaffirming goals
  2. Intro to Basic Concepts of Astrology 

Week 2 - Session 1

  1. The Planets
  2. Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment Fall
  3. House Placements

Week 2 - Session 2

  1. Planet Sign House Combinations 
  2. Houses (Continued)


Week 3 - Session 1 

  1.  Full Natal Chart Walkthrough
  2. Aspects (Philosophy and Application)
  3. Progressed Charts

Week 3 - Session 2

  1. Recap of Last Session and continued Application
  2. Micro vs Macro Astrology 

Week 4 - Session 1

  1. Discussing Returns 
  2. Charts and Generational Shift

Week 4 - Session 2

  1. Advanced Work
  2. Assignments for the following Months 
  3. Study Guide Created 
  4. Intro to Persona Chart Reading  
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