Remote Viewing Beginners Course (8/27/18)-(9/14/18)

Remote Viewing Beginners Course (8/27/18)-(9/14/18)

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Have you always wanted to see anything, anywhere, at any time? Have you wanted to explore the hidden places of this world, this universe and the hidden beauty within your soul? 

This course is designed specifically for helping you harness your sacred sight, improve your abilities and rise to your highest self. You will learn the about the energetic world within and the keys to look outwards, onwards and inwards. 💚 

This will be covering:

  • Connecting with your third eye
  • Looking for lost objects
  • Seeing Auras and Energy
  • Seeing people Anywhere in the world
  • Looking into past lives
  • Viewing places without being there
Each week I’ll have a live video discussing the techniques and I’ll also have guided meditations and practice exercises so this will be a powerful way of connecting with your abilities and honing what you can perceive both in and out of our physical eyesight.


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