Remote Viewing Advanced Course (10/1/18 - 10/14/18)

Remote Viewing Advanced Course (10/1/18 - 10/14/18)

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*Must have taken the Remote Viewing Beginners Course*

Have you always wanted to see anything, anywhere, at any time? Have you wanted to explore the hidden places of this world, this universe and your very soul? 

This course is designed specifically for helping you harness your sacred sight, improve your abilities and rise to your highest self. You will learn the truth about this physical world, the energetic world within and the keys to look outwards, onwards and onwards at the same time. In the Remote Viewing Adavnced course we’ll be learning the art of Psychic Sight to a whole new level. 

We will focus on:

~Remote Viewing through Time

~Planetary Viewing

~Past Life Viewing

and Focused location tracking.


 *All Sales are final and Refunds are not available within 48 hours of the session start time. Reschedule requests incur no fee. Refunds are only applicable to unredeemed Course Tickets. After a Session or class, if you do not feel you learned what you needed to, I'll offer a service(s) of an equal Value*