Unlock the Universe: Master Astrology with 'Remember Infinity'

Tried learning astrology through various sources but feel overwhelmed? This class will put your knowledge into frame. Pre-sign up now for early access!

Expert Guidance

Our course provides personalized, expert guidance to ensure your understanding of astrology is comprehensive and applicable.

Practical Application

We focus on practical application, teaching you how to use astrology for personal growth and helping others.

Lifetime Access

Once enrolled, you get lifetime access to course materials, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge anytime.

Imagine being the go-to person for astrological insights among your friends and family.

With 'Remember Infinity', you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to interpret astrological signs and guide others.

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What does this course Cover?


- Planets 

- Signs

- Houses 

- Major Aspects 

- Minor Aspects

- Planetary Nodes

- Ethics of Astrology

- Synastry Practice

- Intuitive Astrology 

- Integration of Tarot 

- Predictions vs Prophecies 

- Mundane Astrology 

- Read Natal Charts

- Read Progressed Charts

- Intro to Persona Charts



These subjects will be summarized for beginners and brought into the intermediate level.

4 Months of Classes - $360 On Sale $270

4 Months of Classes 

+ 4 Live Astrology Q&As 

*This Astrology Course is not for entertainment purposes only, nor is it a substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. The aim of this service is for Jax Atlantis to provide you an educational understanding of traditional and modern interpretations of Astrology and express the spiritual viewpoints implied by you, the client, and Jax, the service provider. It is assumed that both parties operate under the metaphysical presupposition that astrology is a sacred spiritual practice. Refunds for this service are available when they are requested 48 hours prior to the first Class on 1/27/24.*