The Remote Viewing Ultra Course

4/1 - 4/21

Have you ever wanted the ability to see hidden places, find lost objects, and explore parts of the world you've never been? 

This 3 week course is designed to help you harness your sacred intuitive sight and uncover many other beliefs and abilities in the process.



Remote Viewing is an ancient practice, in which, the user focuses on being one with locations, objects and even different time periods.

In this class, you will receive a new pre-recorded lesson each week as well as several fun exercises and tests you can use to grow your new gift.

In This Class

You will receive a new video Lesson each week. I will be covering the basics of remote viewing, the history, and the philosophy as well as unique approaches to find your own personal rhythm with this practice.

The day after each lesson I will create a practice exercise for the class where you'll test out your new skill with a class of peers to give and receive feedback as well as building new friendships and perspectives.

How You Can Use Remote Viewing

  • See the world through your third eye 
  • Find Hidden and lost  Objects
  • Reprogram the relationship between your mind and intuition   

Remote Viewing Ultra Course 

Class  4/1 - 4/21

(3 Weeks)  - $100