About me

Hi, I’m Jax Atlantis! I can’t wait to help you learn Astrology, Tarot and Intuition.

My name is Jax Atlantis 

Jax has spent his life studying Tarot, Mediumship, ESP, Remote viewing and Astrology. He has worked for psychic hotlines, giving live readings on Facebook, making Daily Horoscope Videos for the Spiritual TV Network HighVibe TV, and became the CEO of the International Institute of Temple Sciences. It is his mission to not only teach the esoteric arts but to address the modern collective perception on spirituality, religion and atheism in an honest way and open dialogues that commonly feel closed or stilted. 

His fundamental belief is that "spirituality" is not something that is "learned", rather, it can be remembered and tuned into.   

His focus in all areas of his teaching is aimed towards un-learning the many dogmatic limitations we, our parents, or our society have placed on us and return to a state of open dialogue with our own intuition.