The Nameless Deck

A deck that bridges Astrology and Tarot

What is the Nameless Deck? 


     This 78 card Tarot Deck takes the traditional meanings and associations of the cards and gives them a unique twist and format. 

I wanted to put more focus on the elements and astrological connections and illustrate the "shape" of certain ideas, such as the Venn Diagram to represent The High Priestess and the 2's of the Minor Arcana.  

The Deck also asserts new Astrological Meanings which deviate from the classical Tarot such as Strength being represented as Neptune in Leo, so I'm sure this will create some mixed reactions with the Tarot veterans out there.

When is the Deck Available? 

The Nameless Deck 2nd batch is open for pre-order now and will be officially released on 4/4/24. If you pre-order soon, you will likely receive the deck prior to the release date

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Jax Atlantis


The Nameless Deck 

(Pre-Order) - $80

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*The Nameless Deck is not for entertainment purposes only, nor is it a substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. The aim of this service is for Jax Atlantis to provide you an educational understanding of traditional and modern interpretations of Astrology and express the spiritual viewpoints implied by you, the client, and Jax, the service provider. It is assumed that both parties operate under the metaphysical presupposition that astrology is a sacred spiritual practice. Refunds for this service are available when they are requested within 48 hours of purchase.*